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“We professionally photograph your products

to benefit your buyers and optimize your sales”

People and Process focused on your Success!

ProductXposure produces amazing product photography of all types, with the goal of the highest standards of image quality; using state of the art equipment and processes designed with laser focus for precise compliance to your style guidelines. ProductXposure also offers our complete line of services as a mobile solution to your Distribution Center or warehouse.

Our capabilities include 360 Degree Spin Interactive Images, Traditional Product Photography, and 4K video.

ProductXposure is a digital photography service provider that caters eCommerce brands,
retailers, and manufacturers. From a large top 5 retailer to midsized and small businesses,
producing and delivering to every client's exact needs and standards. Our finely tuned
workflow has been proven time and time again.

Our focus is creating product imaging solutions for marketing and advertising for the web or
in print.

We capture more than 50,000 items annually, including shoes, tools, parts,
housewares, cosmetics and clothing (in any style including invisible ghost mannequin, flat
view and on live models). 

Creating and delivering same great product photography.
Your Warehouse Or Our studio,

We Offer You The Choice.

Your Location

Our Location

Mobile Studio/ Your Location
For Hi-Volume clients that require product photography of 10,000 or more SKU’s annually.

We understand the unique challenges of working in warehouses and distribution centers. 

Delivering, designing and setting up our mobile state of the art product photography studio, is a challenging environment we excel at.

We respect and understand the unique challenges of working with and in distribution centers. 

As an example,  ProductXposure designed a mobile state of the art product photography studio and created images in one of the largest Distribution Centers in the US. Co-existing for many years.

Our Chicago Studio

Product Photography for clients of any scale

This is where much of our success is developed in our state-of-the-art product photography studio.

This is also where we test and develop new processes to offer our product photography services and push our limits of efficiency for expeditious client image delivery while maintaining our highest quality standards.

We have dock doors, 20ft x15ft CYC wall, completely equipped with all cameras and lighting needed for any type of product photography or 4K Video, including Green Screen.

You can mail, ship, deliver, your products to us or for higher volume clients we can pick up and return anywhere in, IL, IN, WI, IA.

The choice is yours
We have your back and provide the highest level of product photography service you require.

John Kringas Head Shot

Looking forward to meeting and working with you.
Please let us know what we can do to help.
We are a phone call, text or email away.

John Kringas


Product Xposure

(630) 661-2194

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