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Clients Shared Experiences


Sears Holding Company
ProductXposure 1st Client

Product Photography Services Needed

  • 150,000 Items on hand and not online

  • Won the bid against two largest studios in Chicago

  • Required photographing and delivering product images in shortest amount of time

  • All Product images had to match to SHC exact style guide

  • Photographed all categories SHC offered online and in print

  • All delivered images required to be renamed to SHC eComm identifier

Our Solutions:

  • Met with client to understand how we could best service their needs

  • Proposed building our mobile studio in their Distribution Center

  • Entire crew had to adhere to guidelines of the DC, working specific hours and security protocols

  • Developed efficiency for every bottleneck

  • Custom software was used to scan SKU barcodes and unique identifiers were developed to track products every step of the way

  • Software allowed to track in real time the progress of the items delivered for imaging


  • Completed the first 150K items

  • Earned many years of work with SHC after

  • SCH came to ProductXposure many other times with other specific needs

  • Including bringing a mobile studio to their HQ offices and various print adds

  • We delivered on time and on budget during our entire relationship


ProductXposure work is impeccable, and they always followed our style guides. They have experience photographing Apparel for Women, Men, Children and Babies, both on model and as laydown imagery. They also have experience photographing accessories, jewelry, and small home goods.

Often, ProductXposure was given tight schedules and always delivered on time, as promised. For instance, we had a rush order to turn around 300 items in a 24-hour period. ProductXposure was able to secure models, a make-up artist and crew, devise the plan, execute it, and delivered the goods on-time. I truly have nothing but good things to say about John and his ProductXposure crew.

They are always on time, on budget and deliver quality work.

-Laura B.
Power Planter

Power Planter
Medium sized business ProductXposure helped grow
360 Spin Photography and Product Photography

Product Photography Services Needed

  • We met Greg the owner of Power Planter at the Made in America tradeshow

  • Greg had no idea that had “no idea there was such a thing as a product photographer”

  • Greg had spent thousands of dollars on photography when we met, and he was not happy with
    the images

  • He had made Approx. five revisions to his Power Planter website due to poor product images

  • Greg manufactures in the USA the superior Augers, but clients nor big box stores were seeing 

  • Greg put if all his future business trust in ProductXposure,

Our Solution:

  • 360 Spin Photography and traditional product photography.

  • Produced and delivered images for his entire Power Planter product line.

  • Worked with his marketing and web developer to deliver exact needs

  • Worked with Greg’s attorney to protect all images with copyright and watermarking

  • All of Power Planter needs were met

  • Power Planter in now in every big box hardware store and online sales significantly increased

  • Delivered on time and on budget


Working with John at ProductXposure has been stress free and a pleasure. He is willing to adjust and also work with IP attorney’s on copyrighting, etc. I am a manufacturer, and as John could tell you, I didn’t know what a good product photograph is, but in my head I can see it, and his team has gotten the job done on time, on budget and surpassed my hopes.


ProductXposure has helped grow my business just as John said it would, “Great product shots answer the customer’s questions, and ease their anxieties so they finish the purchase.” Perfectly said and 100% true! We will continue to work with the team for years to come!

Greg N.

Owner Power Planter

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